About Me

Who is the owner of this website?
That's a great question!

Here's the story!

Soon after I became a wholesaler for Butterfly Express oils I discovered that this domain, ButterflyExpress.com, was for sale. I was excited to look into this, but first I gave Butterfly Express a call to see if they wanted to buy the domain. They were using ButterflyExpress.net at the time, and said they weren't interested in changing that.

So, I negotiated with the domain seller and finally settled on a price. I had until midnight on that Halloween to decide if I wanted to spend the money, which I did! It was a leap of faith.

For 13 years I had an online oils store, mostly on my Earthsonnets website, but I always retained the use of ButterflyExpress.com as a landing page. I closed my online store in 2019 and continued on with Butterfly Express as a wholesaler/affiliate only. I will always love their oils, herbals, blessed waters, etc. My mantra was "Oils you can trust at prices you can afford!"

Recently, I decided to open an Etsy shop and I needed to make some changes and revive ButterflyExpress.com. So, here I am, giving it new life as a three-page website with my affiliate link and free printables. 

I hope you'll take advantage of the everyday discount offered -- it's easy! And download a file when you find something interesting.  ~ Jenni Hunt Johnson